These guidelines have been developed by doctors who specialist in the  field of emergency medicine and specifically the transporting of patients by air.

It is not intended as a training course in aviation medicine or repatriation. It contains guidelines that can be used by doctors who are active in the above-mentioned professional group.

The transport of patients by air involves certain risks and it is always vitally important to balance these risks against the possible disadvantages of not transporting them. The (medical) effects of air transport should be evaluated for every patient with regard to their specific medical condition, their unique physiology, age and other factors as well as the risks of leaving them to be treated where they are and understanding the capabilities of the current facility and location.

The authors have contributed to this document in good faith and consider it to be an honest conclusion of the review of evidence and assessment of the risks. It is guidance only and responsibility for declaring a patient fit to travel rests with the attending physician.